Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Sorry I have been away for awhile. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Wish I could devote all my time to psp, but alas, it is not to be. Both boys were having finacial troubles and of course we had to help them. Derrick is now back driving a truck and getting back on his feet after being evicted from his home, along with his girlfriend and their two kids. They are staying at Tanya's parents for now, and you know that is never good for any relationship, especially with 9 people living in one house. Enough to drive anyone crazy. LOL Dustin is living with us for now and he is trying to get all the paperwork needed to go to truck driving school, then he will be driving truck also. We are just a family of truck drivers. LOL I am dealing better with myself and my physical appearance. You know the saying that sometimes you would forget your head if it wasn't attached? Well, with me it is my breasts, and I DID forget to take them with me during Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve and Day with my family then went to Colorado to spend the rest of the weekend and hubby's birthday on the 28th with his parents, and guess what I forgot? You guessed it, my boobs. LOL Can't say that I am vain in my appearance, just plum forgot them. Well, I have written another tut. First one in awhile. Hope that you all enjoy it.


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A note

I remember what it was like when just starting out in Paint Shop Pro. There are lots of wonderful tuts out there, but most of them are for experienced taggers. It is hard to find a tut if you are a beginner, so I will try to write all my tuts so the beginner can learn and follow along. There will be lots of screen shots to make it easier on you. I apologize to the experienced taggers, but I think that it is good to help out the beginners all we can. Thanks for understanding.