Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scrap Kit: Paint Your Dreams by Creative Scraps by Crys HERE

Tube: PinUp Toons Painter I got this at CILM but you can get it at CDO HERE

Mask: WSL_Mask38 HERE

Font: Shelley Volante HERE

Let’s get started.

I like to work on large canvases and resize at the end. All the resizing %’s are based on the large canvas. If you work with smaller canvases you will need to readjust your % numbers.

Kit Pieces Used:
Paper 8 Island Resize 80%
House Resize 70% Duplicate Resize 25% then 80%
Breeze2 Resize 70% Duplicate
Scatter Resize 50%
Butterflies Resize 70%
Butterfly scatter Resize 65%
Dreamingirl Resize 40% mirror
Butterfly Resize 25% Duplicate, mirror
Word art5 Resize 40%

Open a canvas of 900 X 775. C&P paper 8 as a new layer. Apply mask. Merge group.
Photobucket Photobucket

C&P Island and place towards bottom.
C&P House, place where desired.
C&P tube. Resize 70%
Duplicate House resize and place on easel.
C&P other elements and place where desired.
I mirrored the girl and placed her chasing the butterflies.
On scatter use MuraMeister’s Copies
On word art apply glow
Add drop shadow to all layers. I used 5, 5, 50, 5 on all except the mask layer, which I used 2, 2, 50, 5.
Add your copyright and watermark.
Add names or snag words, and we are done.
I hope you enjoyed my tut. If you work it up I would love to see your results.
Please send them to: Thanks.
Monday, February 6, 2012

Supplies Used
Scrap kit used is Hug Bug from Creative Scraps
Mask used is Vix_Mask_Valentine15 Scroll almost to the bottom of the page HERE
Font used is MsMadi
Tube is Elias Chatzoudis Sweetheart at PTE

Open new canvas, I like to work on big spaces and resize later. So make it 850 X 750. All the resizing %’s are based on the large canvas, if you use a smaller canvas the resizing %’s will need to be adjusted.
Elements used from kit
HB_Element_1 Resize 50% then 75%
HB_Element_2 Resize 50% then 75%
HB_Element_3 Resize 50% then 75% and 75% again
HB_Element_5 Resize 65%
HB_Element_14 Mirror, Resize 50% then 75%
HB_Element_19 Is not resized, but expand by 2 and apply black layer behind, merge these 2 together.
HB_Element_20 Is not resized, but expand by 2 and apply black layer behind, merge these 2 together.
HB_Element_23 Resize 70% and outline with black like with elements 19 & 20.
HB_Element_34 Resize 50% then 75%
HB_Element_35 Resize 50% then 75%
HB_Element_47 Resize 50%
HB_Element_56 Resize 50%
HB_Frame_5 Resize 75% HB_Paper_1 HB_Paper_9
Not in kit but used for inside frame, new canvas 600 x 600 with the following color: 0189d2
C&P paper 1, apply mask, merge group.
C&P paper 9, apply mask, merge group.
Photobucket Photobucket
Move one of the mask layers to upper left, move the other to lower right. Apply a slight drop shadow of 1, 1, 50, 5, or one of your choosing.
C&P Frame 5. Click inside frame with your magic wand, expand by 12.
C&P your color layer here (0189d2). Selections, invert, delete key, selections, select none.
Apply fritillary with the following settings: Granularity: 5 Aggression: 30 Tesselation: 20 Variation: 100
Apply drop shadow of 5, 5, 50, 5, or one to your choosing, on the frame.
On the fritillary layer, selections, select all, float, defloat.
C&P your tube, place under frame but on top of fritillary layer. Place where desired. Duplicate tube layer, move above frame and close out, by clicking on the eye in your layers palette. Go back to original tube layer, selections, invert, delete key, select none. Open duplicate tube layer, add drop shadow, and using your eraser tool remove the parts of the tube you want to eliminate.
Apply all the elements and place where desired.
Apply a drop shadow of 5, 5, 50, 5 on all your elements.
This is only a guide and you do not have to follow it exactly. Be creative.
Apply your copyright information and your watermark, and we are done.
I hope that you enjoyed my tut, if you use it I would love to see your results. Please email them to: Thanks so much.

A note

I remember what it was like when just starting out in Paint Shop Pro. There are lots of wonderful tuts out there, but most of them are for experienced taggers. It is hard to find a tut if you are a beginner, so I will try to write all my tuts so the beginner can learn and follow along. There will be lots of screen shots to make it easier on you. I apologize to the experienced taggers, but I think that it is good to help out the beginners all we can. Thanks for understanding.